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Why you should not use WIX for your website? WIX is directed at people who are not knowledgeable about website development, looking for something free or cheaply designed websites. Consequently, premade website templates are being offered. Even your URL will become such as ( which makes you look unprofessional and less legitimate to your customers.


  1. While WIX and other website builders have their merits, there are indeed some potential drawbacks and limitations that might make them less suitable for certain types of websites and businesses. Here are a few reasons why some individuals or businesses might choose not to use WIX for their websites.
  2. Limited Customization: While WIX offers pre-made templates for easy website creation, these templates can also limit your ability to create a truly unique and tailored design that aligns perfectly with your brand. This can result in a website that looks similar to many others and doesn't stand out as distinctive or memorable. Businesses aiming for a specific visual identity might find these limitations constraining.
  3. Professionalism and Branding: The default domain structure provided by WIX ( can give the impression of being less professional and established. Custom domains, on the other hand (e.g.,, often instill more confidence and legitimacy in visitors. For businesses seeking to build a strong online presence and project credibility, the default WIX domain structure might not meet their branding needs.
  4. SEO Limitations: Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving organic traffic to your website. While WIX has made strides in improving its SEO capabilities, some users feel that it falls short of providing the level of control and optimization options available on other platforms. This can impact your website's visibility in search engine results, potentially hindering your online discoverability.
  5. Scalability and Performance: As a website's traffic and functionality needs grow, scalability becomes essential. WIX might face limitations in handling large volumes of visitors or more complex features. This could lead to slower loading times, reduced user experience, and potential downtimes during peak periods. For businesses expecting significant growth, these scalability concerns might prompt them to consider more robust alternatives.
  6. Dependency and Long-Term Costs: While WIX might seem cost-effective initially, the subscription costs for advanced features can add up over time. Additionally, building your website on a platform like WIX means being dependent on their infrastructure and updates. If WIX makes changes that don't align with your evolving needs or if you decide to migrate to a different platform later, the process could be more complex than if you had started with a more standard development approach.

In evaluating whether to use WIX for your website, it's essential to consider these factors based on your specific goals and requirements. While WIX can serve as a convenient solution for individuals and small businesses seeking a quick and simple online presence, those with a strong focus on customization, professionalism, SEO, scalability, and long-term flexibility might find more suitable alternatives outside the realm of website builders.


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